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Happy Women's Day!! Besides the fact that women's day is everyday, I decided to honour some women. They can be actresses, singers or “ordinary women” just like my mother. Ok, ok, I spoiled you a little bit because the first woman I want to talk about is, obviously, my mom. Of course, to me, she's the best, the prettiest and the strongest woman in the world, but I believe every girl thinks that about their mother. I just wanted to mention her in this article because she supports me in everything I do and especially with this blog which (let's be honest) is not very popular, but still, she believes in me and in this blog.

The next woman I want to talk about (and then I'll go on with famous women), is a friend of mine. She's my best friend and I know I can trust her. She was the first one I told about this blog and I always ask her her opinion about my articles. She's very supportive, not only in this adventure, but in my everyday life. She has always been there for me, I know she will never judge me and that's what I like about her: no judgement.

Now, I want to express my admiration for famous women. The first one I think about is the actress Blake Lively. To me, she's the best famous woman because she's beautiful but also because she's a great actress and because I grew up with her as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. She was a model for me and I dreamt about being just like her. Now that I grew old, just like her, I still love her: she's so inspiring with her beautiful smile and her great style. I think that it would be the only famous person for who I would cry if I would meet her for real.

Next on my list is Queen B. Yes it's Beyonce. I'm not a huge fan of her, even if I would love going to one of her concerts and I love every song she does... Ok, I'm a great fan! I love her because she makes young girls, and girls in general, feel powerful and encourage them to go for their dreams without caring about what people would think about them. Thank you for that Beyonce.

The last one on the list is Gigi Hadid. Well now I think you're starting to understand that I love her. I think she's a strong woman and she can be an example for young girls who want to live their dreams. She shows that if you want something you can have it. She's a supermodel and she conquered the fashion world. I love you Gigi.

To my female readers, be what you want to be, do what you want to do and don't listen to what people say.
Women's Day is everyday,

PS: Article en français à paraître.


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