Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is only in 12 days and if you're like me, I hope this post will be helpful! Indeed, I'm just starting to think about my friends' Christmas presents and, until now, I had no ideas BUT, suddenly, I got inspired. Here's a list for you! 
  - A friends photo shoot: what's better than a photographer to immortalise your friendship? 
   - A candle: because everyone likes candles  
   - If your friends love shopping and one shop in particular, you can give her/him a gift card from the shop. 
    - Some make up if she loves it or some perfume! 
    - A trip which she/he dreams about and do it together! 
    - A concert ticket or a CD from her/his favourite singer. 
    - A phone case. 
That's all for me! To be honest, I'm quite proud of myself because I never have ideas for gifts and, this year, I got quite inspired! 
Hope you'll enjoy and I wish you to spend nice holidays! I'll find you later in a next Christmas post! 

[DISCLAIMER FR : Cet article ne sera pas disponible en français] 


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