Vogue #5 (PFW SS17, Part 2)

I'm back to close my "fashion week series". Today, I'm going to talk about Elie Saab my favorite evening gowns designer), Chanel and Miu Miu.

1/10 : Elie Saab

I love Elie Saab because I think he does what I call "princess gowns". So yes I don't like what he does for ready to wear. For this last show, he created a comics atmosphere with big stars and pop colors. Unfortunately, I didn't see any princess gowns so I didn't like the show. BUT I saw that Gigi Hadid walked for him so let's say that she upgraded the show. Now, I prefer Zuhair Murad for princess gowns because I was too disappointed by Elie Saab. Sorry!

I would give this show two stars out of five just for Gigi!

4/10 : Chanel 

Every year, Chanel's show is very expected and, every year, it takes place at the Grand Palais (aka my favorite Parisian building). This year, the theme was "the future". Two robots opened the show and the setting was a data center. The cool thing about Karl Lagerfeld is that he didn't forget the Chanel's DNA: the tweed. In every look there is a "tweed touch". Usually, I don't like Chanel style and this is what happened this year because I think that tweed is for a grandma OR you have to style it just like the Instagram girls and not everyone is an Instagram girl!

I would give three stars out of five for the place.

5/10 : Miu Miu 

I love Miu Miu and especially their shoes. For clothes, I like this brand because there's always a lot of patterns and it brings me happiness... Yes strange but it's the way I feel. This year, I discovered the Miu Miu's swimsuit. It's not my kind of swimsuit: to give you an example, I prefer the Dolce Gabbana's ones. Generally, I found the show very 70's inspired. AND there was Gigi Hadid on the catwalk and Sonia Ben Ammar (you know Brooklyn Beckham's ex girl-friend).

I would give three stars out of five.

Pictures are from http://nowfashion.com


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