Vogue #2 (MFW SS17, Part 1)

Today I'm going on with my fashion week posts and we're heading to... ITALY!!! Italy is one of my favorite country on earth because, to me, it's THE country of fashion, with Milan as the capital.
Well, you've probably guessed it, I'm going to talk about Milan fashion week which was from the 21st of 26th of October. As I'm going to talk about a lot of shows, I decided to separate the article into 2 parts and you're reading the first one! I should also specify that I will post an entire article for Dolce & Gabbana, because, first of all, it's my all time favorite brand and because there are so many things to talk about! I don't really know if I will post it before or after the Paris fashion week post.
Anyway, today I'm going to talk about Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Fendi so let's go!

21/09 : Gucci 

Since the genius aka Alessandro Michele, started designing for Gucci, I felt in love with this brand. So I think you can imagine how excited I was for the show. Of course, I loved everything!

First thing, the music created a very strange atmosphere. We could hear Florence Welch (Florence & the Machine singer) reading one of William Blake's poem. I have to admit that some dresses are not very wearable for ordinary people like me! Still, I found beautiful coats and blazers that are (almost) wearable with a very simple black outfit. The thing that disturbed me a little bit were the shoes. Except the glitter pink mocassins and the platform sandals, I don't really like Gucci shoes and, during the show, I didn't notice any "in my taste" shoes.
To sum up, I would give four stars out of five because most of the clothes are not very "everyday style".

21/09 : Alberta Ferretti 

To tell you the truth, I didn't appreciate the show. I loved her limited edition semi couture for spring summer 2016 but I was really disappointed by her latest collection. To be honest, I've never really followed her. I liked the floral clothes but that's it. 
During the show, we saw a lot of known models like Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill (I love her) and Sara Sampaio. I suppose that when you put famous models on the catwalk, it means that your show is trendy: is Alberta Ferretti trendy?
I would put three stars out of five because I didn't find the show very interested.

That was my favorite figure from her previous collection

22/09 : Fendi

Fendi did a special show at the Trevi Fountain, months ago and as I'm in love with the Peekaboo bags, I wanted to see the show. With no surprise, I loved it! I especially liked the pastel colors and I found that the collection was quite girly and feminine and I'm obsessed with the floral skirt! On the runway, we also saw Gigi and Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill. I can't wait to see some clothes on "Instagram-street-styles" on spring or summer time because the patterns are just perfect for these seasons. The only thing that I did not like were the sporty shoes mixed with the more sophisticated clothes.
I would give four stars out of five to this show because I loved the patterns and quite all the clothes.

Pictures are from http://nowfashion.com


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