Vogue #1 (NYFW SS17)

Hello! Today I decided to go for a "fashion month sum up post". I hope you will like it because I hesitated a lot before doing it so be kind please! I separated this article into 6 articles (yes that's a lot sorry!) to avoid having one enormous post: I thought that would be boring. 
The fashion month finished on the 5th October in Paris with the Miu Miu show. I picked up few shows from New York City, Paris and Milan fashion week. I will not talk about the London one because I found nothing interested and, to be honest, I don't really like it: I think it's unuseful because, except Burberry, there are not any important Londoner couture house. New York fashion week is cool to discover new designers or for American designers such as Michael Kors (even if I'm not a big fan of what he does) and Tory Burch. Well enough talked, now let's get into the article! 

7/09 : Yeezy season 4 

How could I not talk about this show?? It was the most expected show of the NYFW! I'm not really keen on street look and less on Yeezy style!! I think it's a bit vulgar and not classy at all. 
The show took place at Roosevelt Island and it was stunning! The clothes were pretty simple and really street. I noticed a pair of boots and I felt in love with them. I also notice one figure but I found the rest of the collection pretty uninteresting, sorry! We saw the now famous transparent boots, which I still find awful because I hate seeing the feet (yes strange but still)  but I felt in love with the creamy grey high heels boots (I'll put the pics down below no worry!). 
To describe the whole collection, I would just give two stars out of five for the place and the boots.

Michael Costello (8/09) 

I discovered Michael Costello thanks to Instagram. I'm in love with his wedding gowns because they look like princess' ones and it's just gorgeous! That's why I had a look at his New Yorker show and, as expected, it was gorgeous! Okay some dresses were maybe a bit vulgar: either you show the legs (and a bit more) or the cleavage but not both! Moreover, he choose to mix women, men and children on the catwalk. I'm  tired of seeing designers imitating Dolce & Gabbana (remember, few seasons ago they did a mother/child catwalk) and Gucci (who is mixing the men and women fashion shows). Well, except for this, I found his show quite interesting because of the beautiful dresses. The place was a "normal fashion show" place, so nothing exceptional! 
To conclude, I would give this show three stars out of five. 

Tory Burch (13/09) 
I liked the Tory Burch show. I didn't know this brand before but I discovered it thanks to bloggers' picture on Instagram. I liked the patterns and the different figures. The most known one is the crop top with the long skirt (pic). The only thing that I found a bit damage is that it was a bit too "Dolce & Gabbana imitation" 
To me, this show deserves three stars.

I hope you liked my post! See you later for my second one!

Pictures are from https://nowfashion.com 


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