That brush

Today I'm posting my first "lifestyle" article! Few months ago, my mamma bought me a face brush from Philips. I have plural skin problems like strong acne for exemple. I have a special treatment (not dermatologic) and this brush is a part of this. Even though I still don't have the perfect skin (because cosmetics are not enough to reduce the skin problems), I can really feel, and see, that it's get better. 
The brush has two speeds : a slow and a fast one. Personalty, I use the fastest one. The brush comes with the instructions for use and with a drawing to explain how to use correctly the brush. You have to stay 20" on the left side of your face, 20" on the right side and, finally 20" on your forehead.
It's like the famous Clairisonic one but cheaper! 
Tell me in comments if you would like the to do a special post on how to fight skin problems! 

The brush is delivered with its charger

Speed one

Speed two


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