Pretty in pink

Today I decided to do a "one skirt/three days" post. Today's star is my pink skirt from NafNaf. It's what I call "normal length" and has two zippers on the front, but these are fake pockets. 

Day 1
I paired this skirt with a pink sweatshirt which is the exact same pink as the skirt so I got asked plural times if it was a dress but in fact no! The sweatshirt has a decorated collar and short sleeves so not very good for winter time! (I've already introduced it to you in "I'm a Barbie girl"). Winter also calls for black tights. For shoes, I decided to wear my brand new shoes. I bought them about one month ago in Zara. They have two flanges and are high heeled (9cm). You may know that I love the flanged shoes trend because I have another pair like this (from Zara as well). I wore my navy blue blazer over the outfit and I was ready! Not to mention that I also wore my duffle coat but as it's cold now, I will always wear it over my outfits. 
Skirt and sweatshirt are from NafNaf
Blazer and shoes are from Zara

Day 2
Tuesday was the perfect wintertime day so I decided to go for a big grey sweatshirt perfect when it's freezing cold! Underneath it, I was wearing a very simple white blouse. I just put its collar over the sweatshirt to make it look more feminine and classy. Black tights (which are becoming a classic now), and my second pair of flanged shoes completed the outfit. Oh! I was about to forget my black blazer. By the way, I'm actually looking for another one because this one has no closing button. 
Skirt is from NafNaf
Sweatshirt is from United Colors of Benetton
Blouse is from Asos
Blazer is from H&M
Shoes are from Zara

Day 3
Wednesday is a short day at school so, I have to admit, I didn't do a lot of efforts this day! I just wore, once again, the grey sweatshirt with a black blouse underneath. Just like day 2, I put the collar over the sweatshirt. For shoes, I wore my black Richelieu which are really comfortable and are quite female/male style. I just love them. For jewels, I was wearing a watch I got as a gift and my beloved earrings (a gift as well) which are from Dior. Tell me if you want me to talk more about my accessories and jewels! 
Skirt is from NafNaf
Sweatshirt is from United Colors of Benetton
Blouse is from Asos (same as day2 but in black)
Shoes are from Eram

Hope you liked this post,
See you later,


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